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The Femme Fatale

Chelsea Table + Stage - NYC
March16, 2024

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Cast & Crew

Directors & Producers

Andrea Palesh (she/her) 

Bridget Bose (she/her/they/them)

Melissa Buriak (she/her)

Music Directors

Annie Ester (she/her)

Vinnie Ester (he/him)


GPC Performers

Andrea Palesh (she/her)

Annie Ester (she/her)

Bridget Bose (she/her/they/them)

Jesse "JesShe" Wintermute (she/her/he/him/they/them)

Latosha Mitchell (she/her)

Melissa Buriak (she/her)

Maddie Crump as Vivien Rose(she/her)

Rachel Caron (she/her)

Shannon McGee (she/her)

Tanya Chauhan (she/her)
Tori Manoli (she/her)

Guest Performers

Jo Walker (she/her)

Meg Chizek (she/her)

Pau Tobar (she/her/ella)

Wynter (she/her)


Social Media

Anna ModicBradley (she/her)

Tori Manoli (she/her)



Choreography: Melissa Buriak

Featuring: Andrea, Melissa, Rachel

Music: “Rosie the Riveter” by the Four Vagabonds and “Turn the Beat Around” by Vicki Sue Robinson performed by Gloria Estefan

Stand Up / Opening Remarks

Featuring: Meg

You Don’t Own Me / I’m Just a Girl

Choreography: Shannon McGee / Andrea Palesh

Vocals: Annie, Pau

Dance Soloist: Shannon

Featuring: Andrea, Latosha, Tanya, Tori

Music: “You Don’t Own Me” by John Madara and David White, “I’m Just a Girl” by Gwen Stefani and Tom Dumont


Lady Irma

Featuring: Jo 

Music: “He Vas My Boyfriend” by Mel Brooks from Young Frankenstein


Sister Suffragette / American Woman 

Choreography: Bridget Bose / Andrea Palesh

Sister Suff Featuring: Bridget, Latosha, Rachel, Shannon, Tanya, Tori

American Woman Featuring: Andrea, Melissa, Rachel 

Music: “Sister Suffragette” by The Sherman Brothers / “American Woman” by Lenny Kravitz


You Can’t Stop Me

Featuring: Pau

Music: Denise Rosenthal, John Masso (solo sax)


Got It

Choreography: Andrea Palesh

Featuring: Melissa, Rachel, Shannon, Tanya, Tori

Music: “Got It” by Marian Hill 



Choreography: Bridget Bose & Melissa Cammarata

Vocals: JesShe

Featuring: Bridget, Andrea

Music: “Criminal” Fiona Apple



Choreography: Latosha Mitchell

Featuring: Latosha, Melissa, Wynter


Vocals: Annie Ester

Arrangement: Annie Ester

Songwriting credits:

“I’m a Woman”

By Jerry Leiber & Mike Stoller

“Whole Lotta Woman”

By Kelly Clarkson, Jussifer,

Denisia Andrews, Brittany Coney,

Fade Majah, and Jesse Shatkin


By Kesha Sebert, Andrew Pearson,

and Stephen Wrabel

Bang Bang

Choreography: Melissa Buriak

Featuring: Andrea, Melissa, Rachel

Music: "Bang Bang" by Jessie J, Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj

Dance Along
Featuring: Bridget & GPC Dancers
Music: "Yes, And" by Ariana Grande 


Choreography: Bridget Bose, Andrea Palesh, and GPC

Tinder Fairy: "Jes'She"

Dancers: Bridget, Shannon, Tanya, Tori

Music : "Matchmaker" from Fiddler on the Roof

Femme Fatale, Bisexual Nightmare

Choreography: Maddie Crump

Featuring: Vivien Rose

Music: “Breakfast” and “Boyfriend” by Dove Cameron


Choreography: Andrea Palesh, Bridget Bose, Melissa Buriak, Melissa Cammarata 

Featuring: Andrea, Melissa, Rachel, Shannon

Music: “Bulletproof” by La Roux


Stand Up + Closing Remarks 

Featuring: Meg


Lizzo Mashup

Part I: Worship

Choreography: Bridget Bose

Featuring: Andrea, Latosha, Tanya, Tori

Music: "Worship” by Lizzo


Part II: Juice

Choreography: Briawna

Featuring: Latosha, Melissa

Music: ”Juice” by Lizzo


Part III: Like a Girl

Choreography: Jeremy Davidson

Featuring: Andrea, Rachel, Shannon

Music: "Like a Girl" by Lizzo


Part IV: Worship

Choreography: Bridget Bose

Featuring: Latosha, Melissa, Rachel, Shannon, Tanya, Tori


Special Thanks

We would like to thank the Black Artists and LGBTQIA+ Artists who contributed to the music and dance styles of jazz, tap, hip-hop, swing, R&B, disco, rock-n-roll, and pop (to name a few) that we have the privilege to enjoy and perform. 

Without the contributions of these artists, we wouldn't be able to make a living as performance artists.   

Generous Supporters of GPC:

Anna ModicBradley

Chelsea Table + Stage Staff and Crew
David Ovitsky

Flamenco Vivo

Fractured Atlas

Materials for the Arts

Remix Market

GPC Patreons

Support our guest artists

Screenshot 2024-03-15 at 2.40.41 PM.png

Meg Chizek

How To Give Up on Your Dreams

3/23 at Room 52 and 4/28 at Caveat

 Follow @megsi_lee on Instagram for more information 

Jo's Cabaret Postcard for WIX.webp

Jo Walker

What's The The Worst That Can Happen?

Jo Walker sings songs from Gershwin to the Foo Fighters in a solo cabaret celebrating a decade of schlepping a show bag around Manhattan.

7PM Thursday March 28 Don't Tell Mama

343 W 46th St, NYC

 $20 cover ($15 MAC Members) + $20 2-drink min. Cash only.  Reservations:

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