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Femme Fatale

 A song and dance cabaret variety show, empowering and celebrating femininity.

Chelsea Table + Stage
April 1, 2023

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Cast & Crew


Bridget Bose (she/her/they/them) & Andrea Palesh(she/her) 


Andrea Palesh(she/her) 

Bridget Bose (she/her/they/them)

Melissa Buriak (she/her)

Music Directors

Vinnie Ester (he/him)

Annie Ester (she/her)


GPC Company Performers

Andrea Palesh (she/her) 

Annie Ester (she/her)

Bridget Bose (she/her/they/them)

Jazmine Raye (she/her)

Latosha Mitchell (she/her)

Mariah J. Douglas (she/her)

Melissa Buriak (she/her)

Melissa Cammarata (she/her)

Rachel Caron (she/her)

Shannon McGee (she/her)

Zoë Harris (she/her)

Stage Kitten & Special Guest

Briawna Jackson (she/her)



Choreography: Bridget Bose 
Featuring: Bridget, Jazmine, Latosha, Shannon, Zo
Singer: Annie
Music: "These Boots Were Made for Walking" by Nancy Sinatra

Suffragette Suite

Part I: American Woman

Choreography: Andrea Palesh

Featuring: Andrea, Mel B, and Mel C

Music: "American Woman" by The Guess Who


Part II: Sister Suffragette

Choreography: Bridget Bose

Featuring: Bridget, Jazmine, Mariah, Latosha, Shannon, Zoë

Music: "Sister Suffragette" from Mary Poppins 

By Glynis Johns, Hermione Baddeley, and Reta Shaw


Part III: Fuck You Brett

Choreography: Bridget Bose

Featuring: Bridget 

Music: "Gimme One Reason" by Tracy Chapman

Bang Bang
Choreography: Melissa Buriak
Featuring: Mel B, Rachel, and
Music: "Bang Bang" by Jessie J, Ariana Grande, and Nicki Minaj



Arrangement: Annie Ester, Producer: Vinnie Ester
Featuring: Annie
Songwriting credits: “I’m a Woman” By Jerry Leiber & Mike Stoller
“Whole Lotta Woman” By Kelly Clarkson, Jussifer,
Denisia Andrews, Brittany Coney,
Fade Majah, and Jesse Shatkin
“Woman” By Kesha Sebert, Andrew Pearson, and Stephen Wrabel


Choreography: Melissa Cammarata
Featuring: Latosha, Mariah, Mel C, Shannon, and Rachel
Music: "Supermodel" by RuPaul


Audience Dance Along
Led by Bridget Bose


All Is Fair In Love & War

Choreography: Andrea Palesh 

Featuring: Andrea

Music: "Cleopatra in New York" by Nickodemus feat. Carol C

You Don't Own Me

Singer: Annie

Featuring: Shannon

Music: "You Don't Own Me" by Leslie Gore

The Real Housewives of GPC
Choreography: Andrea Palesh

Featuring: Bridget, Jazmine, Latosha, and Shannon 

Music: "Just A Girl" by Brix & No Doubt mixed by Jam:Ali

Sinister Kid

Choreography: Andrea Palesh

Featuring: Andrea, Mel C, and Rachel

Music: "Sinister Kid" by The Black Keys

Funny Girl
Written and Composed by Briawna Jackson
Featuring: Briawna



Choreography: Andrea Palesh

Featuring: Mel B & Rachel

Singers: Annie & Briawna

Music: "Latch" by Dispatch feat. Sam Smith


Choreography: Andrea Palesh

Featuring: Andrea, Bridget, Jazmine, and Zoë

Music: "Bulletproof" by La Roux

Lizzo Mashup


Choreography: Bridget Bose

Featuring: Latosha, Mariah, Mel C, and Shannon

Music: "Worship" by Lizzo



Choreography: Briawna Jackson

Featuring: Briawna, Mel C, Latosha, and Zoë

Music: "Juice" by Lizzo


Like A Girl

Choreography: Jeremy Davidson

Featuring: Andrea, Mariah, Rachel, and Shannon

Music: "Like A Girl" by Lizzo


Worship Reprise

Choreography: Bridget Bose

Featuring: Andrea, Bridget, Jazmine, Latosha, Mariah,

Mel B, Mel C, Rachel, Shannon, and Zoë

Music: "Worship" by Lizzo

Special Thanks

The Black Artists who contributed to the music and dance styles of jazz, tap, hip-hop, swing, R&B, disco, rock-n-roll, and pop (to name a few) that we have the privilege to enjoy and perform. 

Without the contributions of Black Artists, we wouldn't be able to make a living as performance artists. For this, we thank the Black community.    

Generous Supporters of GPC:

David Ovitsky

Dot Bose

Chelsea Table + Stage Staff and Crew

Chris Palesh

Flamenco Vivo

Fractured Atlas

Ian Reid

John Christou Photography

Joshua Duarte

Jeremy Davidson

Materials for the Arts

Remix Market

GPC Patreons

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